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Arms of Eldamar has been forged from formidable stainless steel and two ancient, luminescent labradorites. It measures 37cm in length, with an 8cm extender (total length 45cm).


Serenity of Elvenhome


Named after the coastal region of Aman where the Elves reside, the Arms of Eldamar bestows upon its wearer a profound sense of comfort and safety, even when far from home. This amulet, imbued with the serene essence of Elvenhome, alleviates anxiety and cultivates tranquility, enabling its custodian to remain present and composed in unfamiliar environs. Serving as a tangible link to the transcendent peace and protection of Eldamar, it acts as a gentle reminder of the enduring solace and security of the homeland.


Customisation: If you would like to request an adjustment to the length of this necklace, please leave me a note upon checkout.


Postage: Your order will be shipped via Australia Post. You will receive tracking info via email once your parcel has been dispatched.


Turnaround: i) As a ready-to-ship item, this piece will be dispatched within two working days from the date of your order, ii) If you have requested any alterations, please allow up to five working days for your order to be dispatched, iii) If you have ordered from both the ready-to-ship and made-to-order sections of my website, standard turnaround times will apply to your order.


Thank you x

Arms of Eldamar

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